White on White in France

Top- Vintage
Hightops- River Island
Bag-Michael Kors

Resting and family time in the stunning South of France is my August ritual every year. 

In all honesty, the majority of time my outfits consist of bikinis as I tend not to venture far from my sun lounger by the pool. Today however was a cooler day so we did some sight seeing and visited the beautiful town of Minerve. 

I have gone white mad this summer. But lets face it, it's a great tan enhancer and its screams 'holidays!' The famous Zara skort is on me again. Every blogger and fashionista on the planet must own one at this stage, and with good reason. I am shamelessly obsessed with it! 

Something about being in France makes me so happy and so at ease. I tend to wake up in the morning and dress to fit my mood. Expect bright colours and happy prints in these France posts, because waking up to the sun beaming through the windows and the sticky heat make for one happy gal.

Clém x