Cobbles and stripes

Dress- Market in South of France
Bag- Om Diva 
Socks- www.tabio.fr
Chelsea boots- Handmade Italian purchased in French boutique 

This dress was €8. That's right-€8.00!! My trip to the market in Carcassonne, South of France is my holiday must. You can get everything from water melons to nail varnish and everything in between! I know a good deal when I see one and this wee number didn't pass me by! 

I love nothing more than a simple, black Chelsea boot, so I invested in these babies for winter. They cut just below the ankle which allow for a longer leg and are a perfect length for jeans! 

Thrilled with my bargain dress and new boots I went for a lovely walk round Dublin Castle after a big day shopping for  Masterchef. I'm ashamed to say after over 6 years living in Dublin it's only my second time in the Castle grounds, it's a gorgeous spot for an evening stroll. 

Clém. x

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