Cobbles and stripes

Dress- Market in South of France
Bag- Om Diva 
Socks- www.tabio.fr
Chelsea boots- Handmade Italian purchased in French boutique 

This dress was €8. That's right-€8.00!! My trip to the market in Carcassonne, South of France is my holiday must. You can get everything from water melons to nail varnish and everything in between! I know a good deal when I see one and this wee number didn't pass me by! 

I love nothing more than a simple, black Chelsea boot, so I invested in these babies for winter. They cut just below the ankle which allow for a longer leg and are a perfect length for jeans! 

Thrilled with my bargain dress and new boots I went for a lovely walk round Dublin Castle after a big day shopping for  Masterchef. I'm ashamed to say after over 6 years living in Dublin it's only my second time in the Castle grounds, it's a gorgeous spot for an evening stroll. 

Clém. x


Poolside lounging

Swimsuit- H&M
Sunglasses- Zara

When I set eyes on this cute cutaway swimsuit many months ago I just couldn't resist! H&M are dark horses when it comes to swimwear. Their pieces are reasonable, always on trend and cater for all shapes and sizes. 

Every gal should have one statement swimsuit to stand out from the crowd- just be careful of those tan lines!

Clém x


Tribal Prints

Visor: H&M
Necklace: Zara
Top: Vintage
Shorts: Penneys/Primark
Sandals: Italian

These shorts were another fab summer purchase from Primark. I enhanced the tribal look by teaming them with a statement Zara necklace and aqua blue sandals. The white jumper allows the necklace and shorts to do the talking!

Clém x. 


Blue skies

Dress- Original piece from Maui, Hawaii
Sandals- Handmade in Sorrento, Italy

This is my sisters dress that I tried so desperately to steal but with no success. I love everything about it- it is the ideal beach cover up and complimented my lovely Italian sandals perfectly. 

I am trying out a lot of bold colours on my holidays! A far cry from my greys and blacks that dominate my wardrobe at home! 

Clém x


Lady In Red

Jelly Flip flops-Penneys
Sunglasses- Zara
Hoop earrings- H&M 
Jewellery- Mix of vintage & Accessorize 

I am not normally one for red, but this dress is so simple and light in the boiling heat. Paired with a jelly sandal and minimum accessories the look is minimal and chic.

When wearing such a vibrant colour I think it is important not to over do it with accessories and let the dress do the talking.

Clém x


White on White in France

Top- Vintage
Hightops- River Island
Bag-Michael Kors

Resting and family time in the stunning South of France is my August ritual every year. 

In all honesty, the majority of time my outfits consist of bikinis as I tend not to venture far from my sun lounger by the pool. Today however was a cooler day so we did some sight seeing and visited the beautiful town of Minerve. 

I have gone white mad this summer. But lets face it, it's a great tan enhancer and its screams 'holidays!' The famous Zara skort is on me again. Every blogger and fashionista on the planet must own one at this stage, and with good reason. I am shamelessly obsessed with it! 

Something about being in France makes me so happy and so at ease. I tend to wake up in the morning and dress to fit my mood. Expect bright colours and happy prints in these France posts, because waking up to the sun beaming through the windows and the sticky heat make for one happy gal.

Clém x


August Wish-list

Fishbone plait Bangle
Topshop LWD
Zara Cut-out ankle boots
Zara Jacquard Flared Skirt
Large Selma Studded Clutch
Michael Kors

I haven't done one of these wish-list posts before so I thought it would be highly appropriate seeing as I spend most of my days going around shops working whilst drooling over these pieces.

In the past few years I have realised the importance of good, staple pieces in my wardrobe. You get more for your buck when you buy less but opt for quality on what you do buy. 

The pieces in my August wish-list are items I can mix and match and will fit perfectly for the transitional seasonal period between our 'summer' and Autumn. 

Take the pretty Zara skirt, worn with a baggy tee tucked in or a wooly jumper and tights, I will be sure to get a lot of wear out of it come rain or shine! The boots will look fab daytime or night time and will bring to life a little summer dress or a skinny jean and tee.

The fishbone bangle I fell upon when doing a feature for a Bridal magazine last week. I thought it was just so dainty and delicate. It is a perfect accessory for a bride to keep her look understated, and to be honest now I want it all for myself.

Hope you enjoy my first installment of my wish-list, expect many more to come.

Clém x



T-shirt- Mango
Skort- Zara
Bag- Vintage shop, Le Marais, Paris
Boots- Aldo
Heart necklace- Gift from Sara

I grew up to the sounds of 'song 2,' 'Country House' and 'Tender' being blared through the wall that divided mine and my sisters room. She blasted the Brit pop sensations day in, day out. I really mean, day in and day out! 

18 years later, in a field in Kilmainham I finally got to see the amazing Blur, playing the sounds that dominated my childhood with my wonderful sister and amazing friends. Not a night I will forget in a hurry. Truly amazing show. 

Clém x