Mac is Back

Mac- Zara
Top- Penneys/Primark
Jeans- Tophop 'Jamie' style
Shoes- Manfield
Bag- Michael Kors Jet Set Medium

The mac is perfect for this Autumn weather. I like to think this casual look is a nod to the chic, simplistic Parisian style. I guess my French mum will be the judge of that!

This Michael Kors handbag is the dream. It holds absolutely everything, is excellent quality and looks very pretty if you ask me. I would say to anyone investing a bit of dosh in an everyday handbag to check it out. The new Michael Kors store just opened in Dundrum Town Shopping Centre so now you have an excuse to pop in for a wee visit, Christmas is coming soon after all gals... 

Clém. x


Double Down With Double Denim

Coat- ZARA
Denim Shirt- Penneys/ Primark
Jeans- Marks&Spencer
Boots- Office
Bag- Vintage Vintage hand me down from my mum

Since my big move from living on Georges Street, (or Dublin Zero as I like to call it) I have been trying to embrace suburban living in Portobello. Yes, I know, it is not quite suburban but believe me when you go from practically living on South William Street to living by the canal - it's a change!! 

I have to say though I am embracing the Rathmines / Portobello location big time. There are a host of deadly charity shops, cool coffee spots and and an all round lovely feeling about the area. Today was a glorious day and no better place to capture a few outfit photos than by the canal.

I am a sucker for double denim. As long as the two denims are opposing shades it is usually always a goer. Worn with a black coat and a pair of chunky boots the look is simple and practical, I hope you agree!

Clém. x 


Gossip Girl Fever

Blouse (under jumper)- Penneys/ Primark
Jumper- Marks&Spencer
Skirt- H&M
Tights- Marks&Spencer
Shoes- Marks&Spencer

Injecting a bit of 'Gossip Girl' into my wardrobe with this shirt and jumper combo, (my Autumn look of late!) I completed my girly, feminine look with an on trend stack heel a la Alexa Chung. Well, one can dream. 

Clém. x

Return of the Coat

Coat- Marks&Spencer
Dress- MSGM
Bag- Marks&Spencer
Socks- Penneys/Primark
Boots- Italian , bought in France

I have tried with all my might to put off piling on the layers and rooting out my winter coats, but alas it is bloody freezing outside and I am left with no choice!
Thank God for Marks & Spencer, or Marks and Sparks as I like to call it! Marks is my go to store for my winter apparel, for everything from pjs to coats . Their store in Sprucefield, Northern Ireland is my heaven, seriously. My new coat is not only practical but of a very high quality and super warm!

Clém. x